Our Services

Cox Consulting Group, LLC, provides lobbying and consulting, grassroots organizing, public relations and specialized project management services.

We help clients connect with legislative and executive agency leaders so they have a seat – and a voice – at the policymaking table. We also offer grassroots, public relations and project management services for those clients whose needs include influencing public opinion or organizing influential supporters for a cause. We do this by helping clients communicate clear, compelling messages about their issues and concerns to key public officials and decision-makers in the policymaking arena.

CCG works on a wide range of issues, but we focus primarily on areas where our experience, relationships and insights position us best to make a real, tangible difference for our clients. Focus areas of our practice include the following:

  • General legislative advocacy
  • Contract procurement
  • Utility legislation and regulation
  • Health care and insurance legislation and regulation
  • Economic development (including JobsOhio incentive programs)
  • Transportation legislation and regulation
  • Charter school and private school choice management and regulation
  • Financial and public debt underwriting services
  • Small and medium-size business regulations and advocacy

Our Team

matt weldele

Cox Consulting Group is comprised of professionals with over 50 years of government, political and project management experience.

Executive and legislative state government lobbying and consulting, political grassroots organizing, public relations and project management services.